Producing Lack Luster AI Generated Content? Getting Poor Engagement? Are You Measuring It?

Get a Human "AI Content Master" to optimize your AI generated content to improve the quality, prospect engagement, sales conversations, and marketing ROI. ALL for a flat hourly fee. NO cost per piece. NO content mark-ups. Just maximized value-delivery, tweaked exactly to your content marketing budget.

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Why Hire Kaperider?

Get cost-effective, humanized AI content creation and editing that connects and converts with your target audience.

Market Research & Keyword Analysis

Kaperider provides market research and keyword analysis to ensure that your inbound marketing strategy and the content created is relevant and targeted to your specific audience, increasing your engagement and conversion metrics.

Content Marketing Strategy

Kaperider offers inbound marketing and digital marketing strategy consulting to ensure that the content created aligns with the overall marketing goals and objectives, increasing your ROI for every piece of content produced. AI generated content can't do this.

Content Creation, Editing, & Publishing

Kaperider will suggest the AI tools, runs them, and helps create content polished with human editing. We offer publishing services to ensure that the content created is of SEO optimized and formatted to work with your CRM, website or blog, including ongoing optimization and measurement.

Kaperider | Your AI Content Master’s powerful and easy to use app builder platform

In 3 simple steps


Learn About Kaperider

Request our email series on AI fueled marketing. Use it to unlock the potential that an AI Content Master brings to your digital marketing efforts.


Work with a human Content Master

Work with a human AI Content Master to optimize the use of your AI content generation tools, improving the quality and effectiveness of your AI content.


Get human quality, high converting content

Receive high-quality content that connects with your audience and achieves your AI content marketing goals.

Radically improve your AI content marketing?

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ALL for a flat rate. NO cost per piece. NO mark-ups. Just OPTIMIZED value-delivery.

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